Lala manages to sum up knowledge, a broad vision and attitude that I have rarely seen in the area she is active. Those who attend a lecture want vibration, inspiring information and good raw matter for reflection. And I am testimony that Lala offers all these greatly.” Horácio Lafer Piva, ex- President FIESP.

“The lecture was remarkable; Lala speaks with great knowledge, in a clear and objective manner, although dealing with subjective / intangible issues. Her presentation with a lot of images and great dynamism does catch the attention of the audience.” Ana Cláudia Muniz, Manager Instituto de Qualificação IQ, about 13° Forum Construir.

“You and your team were perfect! I already knew that you were a great lecturer because I had attended one of your lectures. Nonetheless, your capacity to adequate the SECONCI Mission to the challenges faced by our industry and to the objectives of the VITAE-RIO award did surprise me. The feedback from the people who participated was the best possible. Thank you” Ana Cláudia, Institutional Relation Coordinator SECONCI-RIO

“I had high expectations when I was invited to attend the course “Creative Economy: a sustainable model focused in the future” by Lala Deheinzelin, but I did not know that these expectations were meaningless in relation to what the course meant for my work context and the potential that the shared knowledge had upon the force co-relations that move my ideas, wishes and perspectives for the future.” Thiago Alixandre, Coletivo O12.

“I come from Rosario, Argentina. I want to congratulate you for the lectures you gave last week. Unfortunately, I could attend the first day only, but all that you transmitted us truly seemed extremely good, you were very dynamic, and the speech was super interesting! I could get to know several things of my town that I didn’t know! It was a great pleasure to be there! And I will certainly be back when you come again!” Carolina Bitar, Diseñadora de la marca Anómalo.

“In the name of Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Minas Gerais, I want to thank you for your participation in the 7th Open Seminar in Minas Gerais – Enterprise Social Responsibility  – IV International Meeting realized by CNI SESI and FIEMG on 14, 15 and 16 October 2009 in Belo Horizonte. Around 600 people participated daily. We received the evaluations from the public this week, and they were very satisfactory. The speakers are among the items referred to as strong points of the seminar. Your presence certainly contributed for the success of event, not only by sharing your experience in the area of creative economy, but also because of your communication talent which captivated the public.” José Tadeu de Moraes, President of the Board of Entrepreneurs Citizenship, FIEMG System.

“Your lecture was very inspiring and brought us very strong messages over the real significance of the role of HR in the life of people. The link between images and deep contents was excellent. You’ve got a TENCongratulations and thank you for the patience during our briefings.” Marisa Salgado, HR Mgr – Coca-Cola – Brazil Division.

“The lecture was E X C E L L E N T. Lala developed a personalized lecture, with deep research about the Post. Her presentation included alternatives and possible future paths for the actuation of the enterprise within the market. It showed competence, dynamism, and graciousness, and went beyond our expectation.” Valmira Euzébio PereiraCH/SDGE – Center of Corporative Education of the POST OFFICES/MG.

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