Lala Deheinzelin develops in Brazil and abroad the following activities within the fields of Creative Economy, Sustainable Development and Create Futures:

  • Consultancy & Advising
  • Curator
  • Lectures
  • Facilitator of seminars, courses and workshops
  • Writing of articles, essays, and press columns
  • Special projects

The activities are directed at:

  • the Public Sector: international multilateral organisms, and governments (federal, state, county);
  • Private sector: corporate leaderships for the designing of strategies, and empowerment and motivation for the other levels;
  • Third Sector Institutions;
  • Creative enterpriser: institutions in the area of tourism, design, fashion, communication, entertainment, publicity new media and alike;
  • Entities and instances related to innovation, education, as well as sectors related to quality of life (such as urbanism, health).

All activities are customized in relation to objective, context and public, and can vary from strategic advising for the formulation of policies to motivational lectures for large and wide public. The use of artistic and creative languages is particular to this approach. The common line linking all aspects of the work is the permanent research over the trans-cross use of cultural tools in the processes of transformation and development. For more information and detailed proposals, please, make use of the menu on the right.

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