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With a  background in the performing arts , movies and television she  is a  futuristic and one of the pioneers of creative economy in Brazil Her work is internationally recognized thanks to the unique combination of sustainable development through creative economy and collaborative networking processes. Her career encompasses work with corporations, third sector, local governments and funding institutions , multilateral organizations and collaborative networks. Her current work focuses on the future : lectures , workshops ,consulting and special projects in countries of four continents about (1) Why the combination of Creative and Collaborative Economics is strategic in the twenty-first century, which opportunities  do they offer  and which are the required conditions (2) how to apply the systematization she developed  to  enterprises, local or national development.

This is an internationally recognized approach brought about by the unique combination of sustainable development through creative economy and collaborative networking processes. An important part of this methodology is the 4D Matrix: tools for working with a  broader concept of wealth and quality of life that goes beyond the financial and allows  to map, generate simultaneously, results and  flow of resource  in the four dimensions of sustainability: Environmental, Social, Financial and Cultural (4D). Some experiments of applying this Matrix are being conducted in an Ibero-American context.

Creator of the movement “Crie Futuros”, she is one of the founders of the” Núcleo de Estudos do Futuro” of the São Paulo Pontifical Catholic University –PUC, part of the UN Millennium Project. Member of the Board of the “Instituto Nacional de Moda e Design” / Official Brazilian Fashion Calendar). Senior Advisor to the Special Unit on South – South Cooperation, United Nations, 2005/2011. Coordinator of the first postgraduate (Brazil and Latin America) in Creative and Collaborative Economy, ESPM, 2014.

Publications: Desejável Mundo Novo (2012);  chapter  in Economia Criativa – um conjunto de visões ( 2012) ; chapter in  Sustentar a Vida (2011); coordinator and co-author of Economia Criativa e Desenvolvimento Local (2010); preface of Creative Monetary Evaluation (2009); Introduction for Compêndio de Indicadores de Sustentabilidade de Nações (2008); one of the organizers of the four volumes: Economia Criativa, published  by the  IN- MOD/São Paulo Fashion Week (2007-2010) besides articles  on culture, sustainability and development in the  Ibero-American ambit.

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